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About our Eco-Papers

“Go Green” is the common slogan everywhere now. By embracing the green revolution to save our mother earth, we produce Eco-Friendly Paper for our little kids.

Little things create a great impact in conserving the nature. The modern technology that we employ, not only enhances the life of the paper, but also focuses on eco-friendly processes like, Elemental Chlorine Free, Alkaline Medium Sizing and Ozonised Treatment. By this way, we save 1 million of trees every year.

The paper used to make our Notebooks is of a fine quality, which has excellent brightness, and possess high double fold endurance. Most importantly, it has no ink feathering, that makes the writing and reading in our paper more enjoyable...

Let us go for Green Living by using our Eco-Friendly Papers....

Technical Team
Standard Press (India) Private Limited


Our Quality Policy

"To achieve and maintain customer satisfaction by providing consistent quality in printing and its allied activities. We shall continually meet the customer requirements by continuous implementation and improvement of quality management system and employees involvement."



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